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This is the kayaking blog of Nathan Moody. That’s me. You can follow my even shorter, more frequent, and more random kayak musings, news, and thoughts on Twitter.

I am variously called NastyRisk, El Nocho, Crudknuckle, Atomick, Noisejockey, and other aliases. I love, and/or have been trained in, drinking, bartending, eating, photography, videography, wilderness first aid, emergency preparedness, technology, writing, illustration, sound design, field audio recording, backpacking, and more…some of that I have even done professionally. Except drinking. I’m still working on that career.

If you’re an equipment manufacturer looking to have gear reviewed here on Brinestorm, shoot me an info@ email. If you’d like to just chat about any ol’ thing or ask a question, please do the same.

Unless otherwise specified, all photos, videos, music, writing, design, and illustration on this website is copyrighted by me, all rights reserved, as original content. Yeah, like, so there.

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