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The whole Point-of-View Camera phenomenon has allowed for some unique perspectives for filmmaking and action sports. While such cameras, such as my own GoPro HD Hero2, live in waterproof housings, the things that make ’em work – memory cards and batteries – are decidedly salt-water averse.

Here’s a handy-dandy hack you can do with an X-Acto knife that will unify your cards and batteries, in small numbers, into one watertight package.

Get a Pelican 0915 case, meant to hold 12 MicroSD cards. You’ll notice that a GoPro battery will almost exactly fit in a two-card row. Cut out the connecting channel and some extra foam around the top to get the battery to fit.

Voila! You now have a waterproof case for three batteries, two batteries and four MicroSD cards, or one battery and six MicroSD cards, depending on how many card recesses you decide to sacrifice.

And, most importantly, GoPro batteries are thin enough that the case will still close with proper pressure on the o-ring to maintain waterproofness.

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