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How do you signal the Coast Guard when you need help? You use your VHF radio, of course, and you broadcast on either channel 9 or 16 (in the US, anyway). Then, when they’re dispatched, what is the very best single way to help guide them to you? Pocket flares? Marker dye in the water? Flashlights? Shoulder strobes? GPS-equipped personal locator beacons?

No, no, no, and no. The answer, once again, is your VHF radio.

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Photo simply stolen from People Magazine. Because I don’t care.

I’m super stoked that Russel Crowe is a kayaker, but apparently he needs some speed and navigational training. Because he needed the Coast Guard to help him out.

Now, the Coast Guard exists to help us paddlers out. Seriously happens to the best of us. But man, what kind of cheap-ass, rec-boat barge is that?!? Lookit that arm paddling in the photo. An embarassment. Mr. Crowe, call me, baby. Stroke instruction comes cheap.

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